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May 27

Albany Personal Injury Lawyers –– Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.

Accidents are significantly more commonplace than many people expect and typically due to someone’s negligence or carelessness. Inside the aftermath of any kind of accident where injuries were sustained, it really is only natural to feel completely disruptive emotions. Anger, regret and frustration might cause the head to spin, but it is important to have a cool head about this stuff to make sure a much more positive outcome over time.

Accidents in addition to their associated injuries may cause no end to disruption in your regular life as it is, so it is very important keep your strength energy and mental help where it will be needed most.

 Instead of looking to address the circumstance yourself, it is our professional opinion that you consider retaining the expertise of an experienced Albany GA personal injury lawyer who is able to protect your interests to see you happen to be fully compensated for your injuries you or someone you love may have sustained.

At the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. you can expect to discover the professional perspectives and qualified council you have to when handling accidental injuries lawsuits in Albany. These cases may be complex and detailed and showing up in the learning curve here could mean being left with the high costs of medical expenses along with a long route to recovery minus the compensation made available by Georgia law.
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Must I Try and Negotiate together with the Albany Georgia Insurance Adjuster?

Anyone can advise you that insurance companies happen to be in spot to cover the damages in case of a crash, among all kinds of other functions they perform. But, don’t let this seemingly heroic position distract you from the reality that insurance providers are “for-profit” organizations who aren’t intending to make money by signing a lot of checks.

To guard their interests insurance adjusters will be for every way they are able to to avoid making as much payments as you can and placed a cap on the case so they can move on to another one. To this end, you can definitely find yourself shown a proposal very quickly. These offers may even sound fair enough, but make no mistake they are simply a part of what the case is definitely worth.

To get a clear notion of what your case will likely be worth, to put it differently just what it will in reality choose to adopt to fully compensate you for the damages in the short and long term is to have your case reviewed from a professional. In the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., this site offers free consultations for private injury cases. Phone us to plan a free evaluation of your case today!

Who Can Be Named within a Accidental Injury Lawsuit?

At a glance, it might appear very obvious who is mainly responsible for a crash and with the aid of our knowledgeable team we could ensure the at-fault parties compensate you to your injuries. However, following a full report on the case we may find there are multiple parties responsible for your damages. We will apply our experience and insights to including all parties accountable for your injuries inside the lawsuit.

Many of these entities and people we have now expertise in negotiating with include:



-Government institutions or cities

-Defective products


-Insurance carriers

Each one of the defendants must be contained in the lawsuit inside a special way with special considerations for each one of these. Furthermore, you may expect most if not all to depend upon professional legal support to assist them to contest your claims. If you will end up trying to consider multiple parties each using a team of lawyers, it can be imperative that you do it with proper legal support.

Is there a time limit for filing an individual Injury Claim in Albany?

The condition of Georgia has set an occasion limit for people who prefer to make claims against at-fault parties with regard to their injuries or death inside an accident. This time frame is known as the statute of limitations and may vary among states. In Georgia, the time limit for submitting a lawsuit for personal injury is two years through the date in the accident which cause injury or death. If the claim is not made within this period of time, the truth becomes void.

Call our law firm for additional info on the statute of limitations and how to proceed concerning your lawsuit if some time has recently lapsed from your date of the accident.

Exactly How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Actually Worth?

Injury cases can be worth between a couple of thousand dollars to vast amounts and there is no way to determine the value without a proper evaluation in the case by way of a qualified professional. That is why this site offers free consultations in order that our clients possess a no-obligations chance to learn more about their options and select the most effective way to the compensation that they need.

Here are some of the most significant factors which will figure out how much your personal injury case could recover:

  • Just how the accident happened
  • Future results in health problems
  • Injuries suffered
  • Future medical cost and lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Wages and income lost

Typically, injury cases will probably be settled from court through negotiations using the other party. Plenty of good reasons either side prefer to retain the case come going before the courts, our prime costs of your court battle being the biggest reason. But, in the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.  we prepare every case just as if it will probably be fought in a courtroom.

The Length Of Time Will It Take for My Albany Accidental Injury Case to become Settled?

Your lawsuit will have to be drafted and submitted before it can be come to the negotiation process. If no settlement is possible inside the negotiations, it will need to be taken up courts. Overall, there is a great many factors that will modify the time that it takes for the accidental injury lawsuit to attain its final settlement.

The specifics of the accident itself could have a huge role to perform inside the length of the proceedings. Some of the factors which will come to pay will be the extent of damages inflicted along with the harshness of any injuries. As you may imagine, the damages for serious injuries can be extremely high while that of any small accident might be lighter.

A number of the Crucial Elements Affecting the Time period of an individual Injury Case in Albany Georgia


The settlements that you are longing for may affect the time of the lawsuits. For example, should you expect top-dollar within your compensation, the negotiations will take much longer to achieve the final outcome you need. If you are more flexible in your expectations, it can save you a few of the time for you to reach a conclusion.

If you decide to accept the very first provide you are provided through the insurance adjuster working for the plaintiff, you will probably find that the conclusion is reached rapidly. Although, as stated, this can just be a tiny portion of what your case is in fact worth.

Medical Expenses

You will certainly be asked to supply a full account of the medical records and expenses to the insurance adjusters before they may be ready for negotiations. The reason being thy would like to be sure that the injuries you have mentioned within the lawsuit did indeed range from accident and are not linked to other injuries or conditions maybe you have had before the incident in question.

Medical expenses constitute a large proportion of the payouts insurance carriers make each and every year plus they do their very best to reduce the expense they should cover. One among their most beneficial techniques would be to prove that the injuries were caused or partially due to some factor unrelated for the accident.

If this sounds like not effective, another move may be to downplay the severity of your injuries minimizing the volume of treatment you will need to cover your full recovery down the road.

These are generally some very excellent reasons to have a strong case if you enter an individual injury lawsuit. Begin with a full examination as soon right after the accident as you possibly can. This will put a period-stamp on your own injuries and add weight in your case. It is going to spend some time to collect each of the medical documents which can improve the length of proceedings.

Furthermore, the insurance plan adjusters will be unable to write down a complete conclusion from the case till you have reached the purpose of Maximum Medical Improvement. After this point, you will find a little more time whilst they draft the settlement papers.

Other Elements

As a general rule, these cases can operate on for quite some time, based on the details of each case. It is entirely possible that a number of the more straightforward cases to be completed within months, but this is certainly generally considered the exception.

Having qualified legal support operating for you is an important strategy for expediting this procedure. It can be that with a strong case, your own injury attorney will be able to produce a favorable settlement in court. But when not, they are prepared to accept the court to trial.

Most of the time, all parties involved will endeavour to arrive at a favorable settlement out of your courts because court battles are long, complex and incredibly expensive. But Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Law Firm is always prepared for any eventuality.

If I’m Partially responsible, Could It Be Still Easy to File your own Injury Lawsuit in Albany, GA?

Even though you were partially to blame for the accident, there is still a possibility that you could recover damages under Georgia Law. In Georgia, the modified comparative negligence law allows injured parties to recoup damages as long as they are less than 50% in charge of the accident and injuries.

Do Accidental Injury Attorney in Albany, GA Cost A Lot?

Typically, professional legal services really are a costly affair, but financial status can’t be considered a thing that prevents anyone from having the compensation they need to create a full recovery. For this reason, when you call legal requirements method of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., this site offers you our complete pair of services with a “No Win, No Fee” basis.

To put it differently, this site offers our expert insights, professional skills and consultations completely cost-free, until we win the situation and that we all take a bit of the winnings. This arrangement is often known as the "contingency" plan and practiced by most personal injury lawyers in Georgia.

It really is our experience with dealing with personal injury plaintiffs, the aftermath of your accident regardless of how serious is just not a fun time to become collecting more financial responsibility. Along with expenses for treatment and other concerns, you will discover a chance that this injured person will likely be facing reduced wages by not continuing to work as normal.

We provide the contingency plan basis to make certain that financial need will not likely stand in the way of a suitable legal help with protecting your interests and recovering full compensation for the injuries.

For Your Personal Free Consultation and Case Evaluation Contact Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Personal Injury Lawyers Today!

In case you have been injured within an accident brought on by the carelessness and neglect of another party, you will find the right with the law into a full compensation. The procedure of carrying a lawsuit till its favorable settlement can be complex and filled with small problems. Because of this you will require accomplished legal support.

At the Law Firm of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., there exists a full team of specialist to offer you the support and council you should get the policy you deserve. Your focus must not be on negotiating using the shrewd insurance adjusters or calculating what this whole ordeal will cost. We will handle the heavy lifting while you focus on the most crucial task at hand, your full recovery.