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Advantages Of Two Storey Houses

Jul 3

There are many things to consider when building a home for yourself and your family. One of these decisions is figuring out whether to build a single storey or two storey home. If you're unsure about what to do but are leaning towards building a two storey home, then keep on reading. 

Block Size

A very important factor that determines whether you should build a single storey or two storey home is the size of your land. If you have a small block and don't want to settle for a small single storey home, then you should definitely build upwards. Also, if you have a narrow block then building a two storey home may enable you to have a larger backyard. Due to numerous knock downs and rebuilding and the further dividing of land, there are now many more small and narrow land blocks. So, in order to make the most use of a smaller amount of land, building a two storey home is the best option. The cost of land and houses is continuing to increase, so due to this, there is less availability of bigger blocks. So, with these factors in play, many double storey homes have become increasingly popular. 

Block Location

Next, your block's location is another consideration that will affect whether you'd be able to build a single storey or two storey home. If your block overlooks the city, ocean or bay then building a two storey home is a great idea so you can fully enjoy the view. Additionally, two storey homes have been gaining in popularity and there are numerous two storey homes that are being known as reverse living homes or upside down homes. Basically, the bedrooms are downstairs and the entertaining room and living room are located upstairs. This design is meant to make full use of the views. 


The cost for a double storey home isn't always double the cost of a single storey house. In order to add a second storey, it will usually only increase the cost by 15 to 30%. Additionally, when budgeting, you should consider that a building a single storey that has the same floor space as a two storey version would be more costly. This is because, in order to build a single storey house, you will need to have a bigger land block. This will add to your costs and cost more than if you built a second storey. 

Design And Layout

Next, when you consider the layout of your new home, having a double storey will give you more options since you are better able to separate the living areas. For example, if you have teenage children, they may want to have privacy. So, you can place the kid's bedrooms downstairs with the masters upstairs. When you have two floors to design the layout of your home it is much easier to separate the space as you desire and accommodate different needs and lifestyles. When you build upwards, you can create more floor plan ideas, add new design elements and enhance various aspects of your design. You can have a grand entrance, a detailed staircase, strategically place windows so that you can enjoy as much natural sunlight as possible while being able to see the view of the bay or city. By designing a two storey home, you will have so many more options than a single storey home could provide.