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Does home insurance cover roof damage from wind?

Sep 10

Wind damage is one of the most frequent causes of storm-related damage. Most homeowners' policies cover it. Research by the Insurance Information Institute shows homeowners have filed more claims for hail and wind damage.


Most residential property insurance claims provide some wind damage coverage to cover the cost of repair and replacement of damaged property after a storm. To understand your homeowner's policy, be sure to read it.

What is Wind Damage?

Most damage to homes and buildings caused by wind storms is generally covered under homeowners insurance. Winds can cause damage to windows, roofs and other structures. Many storms could cause wind damage, and most homeowners' policies cover them.


  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Thunderstorm
  • Hailstorm
  • Microburst
  • Derecho
  • Nor'easter

Does Home Insurance cover Wind Damages?

As mentioned above, homeowners insurance usually covers wind damage in most cases. Most homeowners insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing damaged roofs, siding, or windows caused by wind events. 


Personal property coverage may also be included in your homeowner's policy. This will help you to replace or repair items damaged by wind events. Reviewing your policy and fully understanding the coverage, including deductibles, exclusions, and limits, is essential. There may be a higher deductible for hurricanes in some states.

Is Homeowners Insurance able to cover wind damage to roofs?

Your homeowner's insurance may cover wind damage to your roof, depending on the policy type. You may also be covered if you have coverage for other structures, such as a shed or garage.

Your policy will cover roof damage repair and replacement caused by wind events. The number of costs to repair or replace your roof may depend on factors such as the age of your roof and unresolved maintenance issues. 

Your insurance company will assess the damage and any other damage that might have occurred before the windstorm and determine the reimbursement amount. If you have any questions, speak to your Travelers representative.

Is Homeowners Insurance able to cover wind damage to siding?

Siding, like your roof, is essential to protect your home's structure and appearance. Your homeowner's insurance will likely cover siding damage from wind to vinyl, metal, and other types. Your policy will pay for replacing the damaged siding with siding that maintains a uniform visual appearance.

Is Homeowners insurance able to cover wind damage to fences?

Wind damage to fences on your property will be covered if you have homeowners insurance coverage. Standard homeowners' policies typically pay the actual cash value for the fence after it has been damaged or destroyed. The fence will be paid up to its actual value, less the deductible and any depreciation since it was purchased.

Protect Your House

Wind-driven storms can cause severe damage to your house. Your homeowner's insurance protects your investment, but it is equally important to take preventative measures to help protect your home from high winds. Here are some things you can do.

  • Protect your Roof. It is essential to inspect your roof regularly. Start by inspecting your roof. To inspect your roof, walk a few meters from your home and take a pair of binoculars. You can note any missing or damaged tiles or shingles and have them repaired or replaced by licensed contractors. Check the roof for wiring. Seal any areas where you can see daylight. Check your gutters, downspouts, and pipes. Check that they are free of debris and securely attached to your home.
  • Check Your Siding. Scrutinize your siding and repair any damage. This includes fixing any deterioration and reattaching siding around doors and windows.
  • Eliminate projectiles. You should remove any outside objects that could cause windstorm damage and make it difficult for the wind to blow. These items include lawn furniture, hanging baskets and grills, bikes, barbecues, bicycles, toys, dead or overhanging trees, and toys.