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How fast do Rambo bikes go?

Oct 9

Rambo Electric Bike: Why We Love It

The Rambo Electric Bike can be customized with accessories to make it your own. You also get a 750W motor with high torque and a top speed of 26 mph (with assistance).


  • 26 mph top speed with pedal assistance
  • 750W high-torque electric motor
  • You can customize the frame by adding accessories


  • 19 miles for a single charge
  • Top speed: 20 mph

Durability and Build Quality

6061 aluminum alloy is the most common build material for most e-bikes. It is still strong but lighter. The tires are what impressed us most. These tires are 4-inch thick Kenda K1151 tires, which have fantastic traction. The Rambo bikes fat bike review is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a challenging bike.

Performance (Speed and Acceleration)

Rambo Bikes (R750C) are slow and sluggish. The top speed of the Rambo Bikes (R750C) is 20 mph. This is acceptable but not great. Although you can reach 26 mph, it will take some effort. The 750-watt, the high-torque mid-drive motor makes up the difference. The torque is beneficial if you are climbing up hills. 

Range & Battery

The battery's range is quite limited. A single charge can take up to 19 miles, only about an hour of riding. There are a few extra miles with pedal assistance, but not many.

Safety Features

Rambo Fat Tire Electric Bikes R750C have minimal safety features. The most important feature of a mountain bike is its high-performance SRAM disk brakes. SRAM disc brakes are essential for riding on slick or dangerous terrain. They're also great in all weather conditions. This is an excellent combination with the high-traction fat tires.


Rambo E-Bikes look a little bare-bones in terms of their features. Rambo accessories, such as a rear rack to support your bow or front suspension, can be customized. You don't have to do that. Instead, get the Juiced RipCurrentS. It will eliminate all the guesswork. For the complete package, you can pick up the BAKCOU Mules Elite.

How fast can Rambo bikes go?

Speed (15+ mph)- The electric bike can reach a top speed of just under 30 mph. This electric bike can be used for speed and endurance. SPEEDSPRO suggests it is more efficient and economical than traditional hunting vehicles.