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Jan 4


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Swift changes are part of today’s society. We are at a stage where (warp) speed and agility to work with the flow of change is a constant rather than a variable.

Throughout history, we have consistently put the benchmark of successfully pivoting towards a goal, a result, and a finish line higher and higher. Through technological advances and the stream of innovations, we believe efficiency is changing for the good. Incremental changes in results, and exceeding these regularly, are the name of the game.

While external factors may well indeed deliver 10X results, our body works on a different mechanism. Throughout the ages, we have evolved by slowly yet sustainably adjusting to our environment. The sands of time are moving slowly, and with our DNA slowly crafting the homo sapiens we are today, and thus some physical changes do need to be geared down before success is rising.

As with many diet plans and numerous workout regimes, results will come when you take that one percent better every single time. Our bodies are not designed for switching over from 1st into 5th gear, even though the media says otherwise.


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Failure to see results happen when goal setting is framed against timelines we simply cannot adhere to. Falling back to default is the result, and thus feeling that a methodology or strategy failed is what rises up, resulting in seesawing between diets or moving your HIIT class to more yoga and pilates. 

Processes and strategies work when they are maintainable and slowly put you outside your comfort zone and in the right direction towards your future self. Those shocks to the system – through 30 days’ diet plans and 7-days-a-week cardio workouts – have yet to deliver results in the long run. 

Science is constantly affirming that getting that one single percent better is what drives goals. Once you understand the process, rather than racing towards your mental finish line without a clear strategy, success will be hard to find.

Depending on what you want to achieve, our personal fitness trainers and coaches build your programmes based on these principles. If you trust the process, results will come. Aspire’s philosophy is founded on the idea that understanding the mind-body connection through the sciences is what drives the rate of accomplishment.

Patience is a virtue, and when it comes to your health, follow the same mantra.


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