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Personal Training | Refill your metal water bottle

Jan 4



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We consume more plastic than ever before. Literally.

The human race has surrounded itself with plastic since the industrial revolution kicked off. The growing demand for more consumption asked for volume-produced packaging materials leading to an explosion in plastic production. And as we all know, we are now inundated with the effects of overconsumption.

From our oceans and waterways to our farmlands and residential areas, plastic is emerging like a plague of immense proportions. Depending on the quality, it is now proven that almost all fabricated plastic takes decades to decay. Without proper recycling methods and solutions to combat the often cheap production of plastic, the harm done to our planet may well be only the tip of the iceberg.

New studies have shown that we eat approximately 20 kilograms of plastic in our lifetime. And these averages are on the rise, year on year. Particularly plastic wrappings and bottles for mass consumption – such as the drinking water bottles you can find in Asia – are not of the health quality we tend to believe. 


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Small particles, called microplastics, slowly detach themselves from the main bottle and mix up in our drinking water when quality plastic is omitted in favour of being competitive in the market. These tiny slithers of plastic are not recognized by our bodies to be metabolised. As a result, our body allows these microscopic parts to flow freely through our bloodstream, hitting organs and even our brain.

Aside from the chances of consuming plastic through any source we label as food, the consumption of plastic through liquids is not something to be underestimated.

Therefore, our personal fitness trainers recommend that all our clients bring their own refillable water bottles into our private studio. Not only for the sake of our planet, but also for your own plastic-free health.


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