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Common Criminal Defense Strategies Used by Lawyers Serving Sacramento, CA

May 3

When it comes to criminal defense, every case is unique. But as a general matter, lawyers serving Sacramento, CA, employ various common criminal defense strategies to provide the best possible defense for their clients. In this article, we will explore the Criminal Law Commission’s report on the most commonly used criminal defense strategies in the Sacramento area and some essential considerations and factors for utilizing each strategy.

The plea bargain is the first and perhaps the most important of all criminal defense strategies. This is especially true when the defendant faces profound and multiple charges, as the plea bargain allows the defendant to reduce or even eliminate some or all of the leaders in exchange for a guilty plea. The plea bargain requires careful analysis: both the defendant and the Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys must understand all of the elements of the plea agreement and accept its terms before the plea is offered or accepted.

Another commonly used criminal defense strategy is case dismissal. Suppose a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney can successfully prove that the client’s Constitutional or other legal rights were violated during the arrest, detention, or different criminal justice process. In that case, the Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney can file a motion with the court to dismiss the case. This motion is typically made on the grounds of a technicality, such as improper search and seizure procedures, insufficient evidence, or a violation of the defendant’s Miranda Rights.

The third criminal defense strategy commonly used by Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney is the “suppression of evidence.” This strategy aims to prevent specific evidence from being used against the defendant in court. To make this motion, the defense attorney must demonstrate that the evidence was illegally obtained or that its use in court would violate a defendant’s Constitutional rights. If a judge grants the motion, this evidence cannot be used against the defendant.

In addition to these three strategies, Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney may utilize the Pretrial Diversion Program. Through this program, a defendant may avoid trial altogether by receiving pre-trial probation in exchange for an agreement to fulfill specific requirements as part of a “pretrial diversion.” The conditions may include completing rehab programs, community service, or even a short jail sentence.

Finally, the defense attorney may challenge the criminal charges with a motion to suppress the evidence. This motion can be made for many of the same reasons as the case dismissal motion, in addition to a claim that the evidence is inaccurate or unreliable. This can be a complex strategy, as the defense attorney must have a thorough knowledge of the criminal law and procedure to successfully argue the motion in court.

When choosing the best criminal defense strategy for a client, it’s important to remember that every case is different. Defense attorneys must serve Sacramento; CA receive a thorough briefing on the history and facts of the issue to provide a tailored defense that meets the client's needs. The criminal defense strategies discussed here are only a few of the many that attorneys may choose to employ – and in the right circumstances, any of them may be the best strategy for a particular client.

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